Monday, December 21, 2009

Christensen Shares GSE Experience

OPENING: Donald Ira Pendleton was steadfast in his role as Sergeant-at-Arms meeting and greetings members and visitors to the 3768th meeting of SGR. Ray Robinson was back - after an unnerving bout with something-or-other which resulted in a hospital stay - leading the SGR Choir in a couple of verses of "Silent Night." Ken Seefeld invited members to follow him in the Pledge of Allegiance and Les Stoker asked for the blessings of heaven on the meeting and the meal. Greg Basso conducted Horseplay while Kris Neal collected the "filthy lucre" on behalf of 2108 children who will have a Christmas thanks to Coins for Kids.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jeff Morby, chairman of the Nominating Committee announced elections on Monday, January 4. Terance White and Phil Hall are running for the office of President Elect (Nominee) to serve in 2012-13. West Martin and Jenny McDowell are running unopposed for two positions on the SGR board and Linda Sappington is running unopposed for the office of secretary. Jeff opened nominations from the club, but none were made.

Ken Seefeld explained the new billing process for dues and voluntary donations, noting billings are now in advance to improve cash flow. Members will soon be receiving invoices for January, February and March. Any questions relating to this change in procedure may be discussed with Ken Seefeld or with President Ken Sizemore.

PROGRAM: Linda Baker introduced speaker Skyler Christensen, who recently returned from travel to Brazil as a member of Utah’s GSE team.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

President Ken Sizemore welcomed members and guests - whether they have been naughty or nice this year - to the annual Christmas party, also the 3768th meeting of St. George Rotary held this week at the Courtyard Marriott. Sandee Card invited members to follow her in the Pledge of Allegiance. Carl Lamar Rieck, in his second consecutive club meeting in at least a year took time off from his efforts to raise more than $125,000 for Coins for Kids to ask for the blessings of heaven on the meeting and the meal.
President Ken Sizemore announced Ray Robinson is home from the hospital recuperating while being treated with an aggressive regimen of antibiotics.

Jeff Morby announced the slate of candidates for the election scheduled for January 2. Candidates for the office of president in 2012-13 are Terance White and Phil Hall. Members nominated for a position on the board of directors include June McAfee and West Martin. Linda Sappington will run unopposed - unless there are nominations from the floor - for the office of secretary.

There will be no meeting on Monday, December 28.

When the meal was over, Shar Heitkotter and Greg Basso took over for a rollicking good time. Their creative minds resulted in the purchase of a gift for everyone - including a Geezer comb for Lee Sheets; a rubber mallet for Sam McArthur; disco earrings for Kerry Hepworth; New Testament flash cards for Debbie Justice; and, a bound copy of the club blog (with a few additions) chronicling his year as president for a grateful and somewhat emotional Jeff Morby.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Strobell Tells of International Project

OPENING: Donald Ira Pendleton conducted his Sergeant-at-Arms duties, including meeting and greetings members and visitors to the 3767th meeting of SGR, with his usual good humor. Ray Robinson lead the SGR Choir in "You’re A Grand Old Flag" in recognition of Pearl Harbor Day. West Martin invited members to follow him in the Pledge of Allegiance and Richard Isom asked for the blessings of heaven on the meeting and the meal. Sam McArthur conducted Horseplay and Debbie Justice collected the funds on behalf of Coins for Kids.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Ken read a few choice "thank you" notes for dictionaries sent by students at Diamond Valley Elementary School.

Chairman Greg Basso reminded members of SGR’s Christmas party which will be held at the Courtyard Marriott on Monday, December 14. Time is 11:45 a.m. - 2 p.m. Spouses are invited.

PROGRAM: Linda Baker introduced Dan Strobell, Chief Operating Officer at Sun First Bank and a longtime member of SGR who shared his experiences in Guatemala where he, his wife Cindy, their children and many friends have built homes and schools and put in hundreds of O’Niell stoves to help reduce the mortality rate among women and young children due to smoke inhalation and burns. Dan and Cindy, who have created the La Casita Foundation, believe the stove project is one more way "Rotary can change lives" and encouraged members of SGR to consider traveling to the central American country in May or June, 2010. The cost - which includes airfare, accommodations and food - is approximately $2500 per couple. See Dan for more information about this life-changing experience.