Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update from Alex

Alexandria Meyer, SGR’s youth exchange student, spent her Thanksgiving in school – since this purely American holiday is not celebrated in Belgium.  She was supposed to be thinking about her school work, but instead was imagining all the good food being enjoyed by her family back home in St. George while trying to explain the holiday and its traditions to her friends in Belgium. 

December 1 brought snow – but as in St. George – the white stuff was pretty for about an hour, then turned into slush. 

Alex reports she attended the 18th birthday celebration for one of her friends.  “The party was formal.  Picture a fancy wedding reception . . . and that was her birthday party.  I pretty much understood what was being said in English, but many of the guests were from other countries so the party was a mix of Dutch, French, English and some of the languages of the Philippines.” 
December 6 is St. Nicholas Day - a major holiday for children.  They receive gifts, candy and other stuff.  “It was also good because we got out of school at midday!”
Thanks again to SGR for this wonderful experience.  I will never forget you for making this possible!