Monday, July 28, 2014

SGR Learns to LiVe Well

Don’t know where to start with your personal goal to diet and exercise? Today’s speaker, Trevor Smith, manager of the DRMC Live Well Center, discussed the shift in our current culture, out of the disease paradigm and into a multifaceted wellness model.  

According to Trevor, to obtain true health and wellness, people need more than just medications, surgeries and doctor visits — they need to establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle. That is why Dixie Regional Medical Center and Intermountain Healthcare has developed the LiVe Well Center to give people the motivation to change behaviors and become truly well.
LiVe Well uses a whole-person approach — body, mind and spirit — to help you achieve a sustainable quality of life, along with a positive sense of wellbeing. We offer health promotion programs for people of all ages and we also serve as a gateway to a long list of services available at the hospital — streamlining your access to physicians, nurses, therapists, athletic trainers, dietitians, exercise physiologists, social workers, gerontologists and more. 

DRMC’s LiVe Well Center has what it takes to help you LiVe Well in 2014 and beyond! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lighting Up Rotary in 2014-15

Today's meeting was an introduction of this year's board members.  We heard last week from immediate-past-president Durant McArthur and Collin Davis who have all the info you need to support our club, our district and Rotary International through The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  This week board members Janet O’Riley, Richard Isom, Terance White, Sheldon Banks, Kolby Traveller, Stacy Britt and Linda Sappington reported on their plans for this year. In addition to oversight of the club and its membership, Janet hopes to see “more fun” this year – in particular, more parties, more service and more fundraising “so we can do more good in the world.”  Terance is enthused about outstanding programs planned for RY2014-15, including more Rotary education.  Sheldon already has the ball rolling on several service projects and hopes to have good participation from SGR’s membership.  Kolby Traveller hopes to be the impetus for increasing membership while means “more money and more service.”  Stacy’s goals for this year include 6 local high schoolers attending RYLA, strengthening Rotaract at DSU and exciting service planned for Interact at DMS, and the possibility of a new Interact club at Tuacahn HS.  Linda’s main goal is to keep SGR’s name in the local media.

The Rotary theme for RY2014-15 was also introduced.  RI President-elect Gary C.K. Huang chose Light Up Rotary as his theme for 2014-15, by inspiration of the teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius who said: "It is better to light a single candle, than to sit and curse the darkness."

"There are so many problems in the world, so many people who need help.  "How you Light Up Rotary is up to you," Huang said. "You know where you are strong, you know what your community needs, and you know how you can help."

So get ready for another Rotary year of outstanding meetings, lots of "service above self" and plenty of fun activities!    

Monday, July 14, 2014

SGR's TRF Committee Reports

Today in Rotary, Durant McArthur and Collin Davis explained how simple it is for every member of SGR to become a Paul Harris Fellow immediately with matching funds from LDS Charities and how easy it is to make a significant difference in the world by supporting TRF.  And, while they had the podium, Collin and Durant also shared plans for their assigned areas in the upcoming Rotary year!  As TRF committee, these two longtime Rotarians hope to see 100% participation in EREY (Every Rotarian, Every Year), an increase of funding/per member in support of Polio Plus … and in membership because “more members means more money and more service.”   

Monday, July 7, 2014

O'Riley Takes the Reins

The installation of new officers is always the beginning of a new chapter in the history of SGR.  Janet O’Riley – our club’s 84th president – is excited and enthusiastic about her new role and about goals and activities planned for the upcoming Rotary year.  Outgoing president Durant McArthur also took the opportunity to look back on the successes of RY2013-14 and express thanks to outgoing officers Phil Hall and Nick Lang for their service to the club and the community.  Now is the time to show support for Janet and her board who will continue to move SGR forward as we “Light Up Rotary” in the coming year.

Janet’s board members are as follows:

·               Terance White, President-elect / Programs
·               Collin Davis, President-elect Nominee
·               Richard Isom, Secretary / Treasurer
·               Kris Neal, Assistant Secretary / Treasurer
·               Durant McArthur, Immediate Past President / Foundation Chair
·               Linda Sappington, Public Image
·               Kolby Traveller, Membership
·               Sheldon Banks, Service
  Stacy Britt, Youth Programs