Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SGR Hears of St. George Academy

On Monday, March 27, members of SGR heard from Neil Walter, chairman of the board and David Jones, Executive Director of the new St. George Academy.  The charter school has no geographic boundaries but a strong focus on preparing students in grades 8-12 for the challenges of higher education where many university students have no access to counseling, get no credit for developmental courses and where universities are seeing plummeting graduation rates because of what Jones called “a growing disconnect between high school and college.”

Calling education an “individual experience,” Jones said St. George Academy makes a broad range of experiences available to students while providing all learning experiences available in the real world.  At the same time, extracurricular activities at St. George Academy are “a blank slate” which students will determine based on their interests.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kubex Fitness Hosts SGR

Members of SGR “rotated” to Kubex Fitness on Monday, March 20 where lunch was provided by Buffalo Wild Wings and a tour of the facility and included a chance to sign up for a FREE month of workout sessions.  According to Kubex manager and friend of SGR Pat O’Riley, “Joining KUBEX is like owning your own personal ‘state-of-the-art’ exercise room. You progress through private workout KUBES of challenging, fun and engaging exercises where you can relax and focus on each movement. KUBEX has earned two U.S. patents for this revolutionary fitness concept.”

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SGR Hears of Washington City

On Monday, March 13, members of SGR heard from Kurt Ivie, a newly named Washington City Councilman who provided an update on what’s happening in Washington City which 25,000 residents now call home.”  Among other issues, Ivie said the council is trying to blend people and heritage in the county’s first city established in 1858 and is also working hard to find ways to fairly regulate overnight rentals.  “It’s a really HOT topic,” notes the councilman, “but no taxes are being paid on these accommodations so the city, the county and the state are losing millions in revenue.”

Growth is also an issue Ivie addressed in his city where the new Crimson High School will open for the 2019 school year in the area around Staheli Farm.  Crimson Hills Middle School will open in 2018 and there are already unhappy neighbors with major concerns about traffic in and out of Warner Valley.  “But, we must build and hope they will come … we can’t not build because we know they are coming!”

Washington City has a new state-of-the-art police station with amazing technology designed to keep both residents and officers safe; and, the city has recently entered a joint venture with Hurricane City to service the Coral Canyon area and the east side of the Washington City.