Monday, January 11, 2016

Ted Dodge Shares Adventure in Puerto Penasco, MX

Rotarian Ted Dodge loves humanitarian service as evidenced by his website at which not only chronicles his service to date, but invites others to join him in giving “service above self” to those in need around the world.

During his most recent humanitarian service trip to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, Ted reported to the members of SGR, “on Christmas Day, 21 volunteers gathered at the children’s crisis center where we provided lunch for 28 hungry kids, gave each a backpack which included a toy or a blanket, school supplies and a few articles of clothing.”  Later in the day, at the Community Center, “we provided meals to another 450 people, gave them a backpack, a toy, their choice of a blanket or a stuffed animal, along with school supplies and clothing."

While in Puerto Peñasco, Ted and his merry band of Christmas elves also painted the Community Center kitchen, reception area and computer room before bringing in a dozen or more new chairs.  

It was a wonderful way to spend the holidays and members of SGR are encouraged to check out Ted’s website frequently for trip plans.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wiley Speaks on Limiting Beliefs

Wiley McArthur, a Critical Factor Coach, shared his knowledge of the “why” and “what” of our own Limiting Beliefs asking members of SGR what would it be like to be able to know what was holding you back and seeing all you can accomplish without limits. How would you feel hearing all those around you talk about how you are able to do things they can't and feeling satisfaction knowing you have begun removing your limitations. Think about it. What if I had a button you could press to instantly remove all your limitations … all those things holding you back. The fun thing is we all have these beliefs and the best part is we can identify – and actually remove - them.

According to Wiley, studies have shown most of our limiting beliefs are formed from the time we are born and through our formative years until about 17 years old. Everything we see, hear and feel from those around us provide input in forming these beliefs, values and decisions. Most of them run at the unconscious level so we never question – just accept – others opinions of us as “truth.” If we think back to our youth when we were taught our values and we didn't question them. From birth to age 7 our potential goes from 100% to about 40% then to flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants relating to decisions on work, money, friendships etc.  Why is it not everyone has the same limitations as you? Some believe money comes easily and effortlessly and it does. Others believe you can have fun and enjoy work while others believe success can only come from hard work and sacrifice. The crazy thing is both can be successful so which do you want for yourself?