Monday, September 28, 2015

SGR Hears of Q'ero Efforts

TODAY IN ROTARY representatives of the HeartWalk Foundation, a local non-profit which “supports the preservation of native cultures and earth-honoring traditions” shared their efforts on behalf of the Q’ero tribes, scattered across the Andes Mountains east of Cuzco, Peru, living in tiny villages at elevations between 12,000 and 15,000 feet.  Because access to these remote villages is so difficult, the people lack communication, plumbling, electricity, and access to jobs.  Their lives are extremely harsh.

Since the HeartWalk Foundation was established, the NPO has funded 110 greenhouses to provide leafy green vegetables for every family; and, stocked alpine lakes with over 12,000 trout to provide a protein food source for malnourished men, women and children.

The Heart Walk Foundation also provides the Q’ero with a safe means to earn an income by buying and reselling their weavings with all proceeds re-invested in community projects.

The Heart Walk Foundation has built 12 classrooms in the region and assists with teacher salaries, leveraging our accomplishments to engage Peru’s Ministry of Education to fund teachers and classroom materials in these isolated communities.

The Heart Walk Foundation also sees to improve the health of mothers and babies by supporting the needs of the first modest clinic outpost in the region where a nurse and an assistant provide care to 1000 people scattered across the mountains.

Current needs for the new clinic outpost include:

*          Solar panel system for light and power                 $1000
*          2 burner camp stove w/ a 5-gallon gas tank          $100
*          Portable dental system                                           $2000
*          Satellite phone or short wave for ER’s                  $900
*          Beds, mattresses and blankets                                $900
*          Fetal monitor, battery-powered with gels               $50

For more information or to donate, see or call Penelope Eicher at 435-619-0797 or Tim Eicher at 435-669-0804.

Monday, September 21, 2015

SGR Plays Pickleball

What’s pickle ball?  This is the question Rotarians asked each other on Monday, September 21 when club members met in Dixie Middle School’s gymnasium where they had been invited to try their hand at playing the fastest growing sport in America.  A team of pickleball experts from Dixie Middle School, Dixie State University and the community explained the intricacies of the game best described as a racquet sport combining elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Learning how this sport is played - and how popular it has become in the US - is in preparation for a proposed fundraising pickle ball tournament in our future.  Attendance was good, boxed lunches from Einstein Brothers were tasty, the school and its staff were pleasant and accommodating and “a fun time was had by all!”

If you're wondering about the out-of-focus action shots, its because everyone was enjoying the game and moving quickly in and out of "the kitchen." 

At the end of our time together, there was a drawing for a pickleball paddle.  And the winner was Nick Lang.

Thanks to everyone who made this fun meeting happen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Farewell to Summer Rotary Family Party

On the beautiful summer evening of Monday, September 14, 2015, SGR members and their families gathered at the amazing home of Phil and Renee Hall for pizza, swimming and socializing while the sky tried to decide if it wanted to rain or shine.  In true Rotary spirit, those who showed up for the first party of the new Rotary year, came prepared for fun and friendship.  Thanks to all who had a part in this great social event.