Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SGR Hears Guatemala Plans

Caballeros y Senoritas,
According to Dan Strobell who oversees SGR's international service project, another fantastic trip to Guatemala is in the works for May 27 - June 4, 2017. If you are interested in supporting St. George Rotary Club’s international service project – now in its 12th year – we are looking for additional funding or more “boots on the ground” helping us build stoves for Mayan women!
For your planning:
1. AreoMexico is the airline we recommend since it is – at about $400 roundtrip – almost $200 cheaper than any other airline. Just remember to get your boarding pass for Mexico City in Las Vegas. Flight numbers will be determined soon.
2. We will work in the villages and be done on Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday we will probably be in Lake Atitlan where there are zip lines, volcano hikes, nearby opportunities to explore Mayan ruins or you might prefer to take a Mayan cooking class we are told is excellent! You would get the chance to go to the market place where you buy the produce, then you learn how to cook it.
3. We are also considering renting a large house with a cook like we have done in the past (not the same house) but one on the lake where we can swim, kayak, etc.
4. Let us know if you have a special project we can help with so we can make any necessary arrangements. So far we will be involved in providing dentistry, training midwives on how to revive newborns, working at schools, eye exams and distribution of eye glasses as well as beans and rice to villagers.
Fernando (our driver) needs to know how many of us there will be so we can get a larger van, if needed.
If your club – or you individually – would like to contribute to this great Rotary project; or, if you would like to come along, please contact Dan Strobell at (435) 229-7194 or by email to strobelldan@gmail.com. 
Thank you in advance for your support. You are changing the world for the better.
Saludos a todos.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Oil Exploration is Topic of Monday Meeting

Alan K. Chamberlain, Ph.D, creator and director of Cedar Strat Corporation, spoke to SGR on Monday, January 23.  With a mission “to unlock the Hydrocarbon Resources (Oil & Gas) of the eastern Great Basin (Eastern Nevada and Western Utah)” Cedar Strat is committed to developing these resources to:

   Provide jobs for families
   Develop the first reliable and detailed comprehensive geologic survey of the Great Basin
   Bring economic stability to the United States from increased domestic energy production
   Help insure the independence of the United States, both politically and economically, from foreign entities that have undue influence through American dependence on their energy resources

Dr. Chamberlain told members of SGR, “man cannot affect climate change.  All this hype is just that … hype!”  He also noted, “the solution to brining economic stability to the US is oil.  In about 3 years, the worldwide demand for oil will exceed the supply, considering usage in China and the USA. Leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan said, ‘lift the embargo (on oil) or we’ll attack you’.”

“I’m here to tell you, there is enough oil in Nevada alone to meet the US’s demand for oil … and there are tarsands on the east side of Utah, the equivalent of 13 billion barrels in residual tar.  Shell Oil Corporation funded a stratigraphic database of the Great Basin, but oil companies – other than Exxon - no longer explore.”

“Obama formed a relationship with Trudeau to lock away 22% of the earth’s oil … and it is an unbreakable alliance,” said Chamberlain.  “And, Saudi Arabia owns Port Arthur, the USA’s largest oil refinery.”

Cedar Strat Corporation is based in Las Vegas, NV.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Committees Organized

SGR’s meeting of Monday, January 9 may signal the beginning of a new direction for our 86-year-old club.  During the meeting club members divided into 7 standing committees:

·               Socials
·               Membership recruiting and retention / New Member Orientation
·               Public Image
·               Foundation / Fundraising
·               Youth
·               Weekly Club Meetings
·               Service / “Signature” project

Chairmen were selected for each committee and each group was given a preliminary job description to guide their activities and encouraged to begin immediately to develop a plan for strengthening the club in their designated areas.

Those who were not in attendance will be contacted and every member will be assigned to the committee of their choice.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Dictionary Project

Now in its 14th year SGR's dictionary project is still going strong despite a concern in past years these paperback wordlists are passé, old hat, antiquated and no longer of value to students.  But a 2014 survey of nearly all 3rd grade teachers in the Washington County School District found educators are still anxious to have dictionaries in every desk in their classrooms – a surprising response in our technology-driven world. 

However, these teachers know and studies find “children who read enhanced e-books recalled significantly fewer narrative details than children who read the print version of the same story” as well as the ease and availability of paperback dictionaries kept in each student’s desk. 

This year, 1800 third grade students in 18 Washington County schools received paperback dictionaries distributed by half of the members of St. George Rotary Club.  The $4500 price tag for this project was paid, in part by a district grant in the amount of $2200, and Horseplay money and other donations from members of SGR.  Thanks to Reed Noble for chairing the project and for the 35 members who took time out of their busy lives to help children find information for their learning! 

ALSU Shares Their Mission

Sue Gilliam, current President of the Assistance League of Southern Utah, shared her nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization’s mission of “putting caring and commitment into action.”  Each year, the 87 members of her organization volunteer countless hours and 84% of every donated dollar (this year ALSU's budget was $86,000) supporting children in need. Since 2008, the 120th AL Chapter has provided new school clothing, hygiene supplies and literacy support for thousands of Washington County’s financially disadvantaged children, including 751 during the 2016 holiday season.  AL also helps organize the annual Dr. Seuss Day reading program in 34 Washington County schools, including charter schools.  Other annual activities include summer reading programs, donating books on Make A Difference Day and providing emergency money for some of nearly 29,000 children in the WCSD living below the poverty level.  AL funds come from several sources including grants, individual donations, and two annual fundraisers. 

For more information, contact the Assistance League of Southern Utah by mail to P.O. Box 910728, St George, UT  84791; by phone to 435-668-9399 or on www.facebook.com at Assistance League of Southern Utah.

Monday, December 19, 2016

SGR Celebrates Christmas

When SGR’s board voted to move the traditional annual Christmas party to January in lieu of a service project in December, some members didn’t take the idea well.  The alternative was Party #1 at Phil and Renae Hall’s home on Wednesday, December 14 complete with Phil’s famous French leek soup, ham, broccolini, fully loaded baked potatoes, a variety of desserts and wassail for about 40 Rotarians and their partners.  Outstanding entertainment for this “Dutch treat” evening, was provided by Phil and Renae’s friends Brandon and McKenzie Lee.   “A great time was had by all,” said Phil.

Party #2 was a giftwrapping gathering of Rotarians, their spouses and children, the “near-end” activity after the board voted to “adopt” a dozen children from the Coins for Kids website.  Shopping at Walmart with a dozen $80 gift cards was the first order of business, then the gathering at the newly remodeled Crystal Inn.  There was a holiday repast to keep Santa’s elves happy and well fed, including soup from Olive Garden, chicken wings, veggies, cookies and candies.  Once the wrapping was done,  Pdt. Collin had games and lots of prizes for kids (of all ages), then TWO Santas donned their red suits for the delivery of gifts to two families.  It was a cold night, but a great event. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

SGR Contributes to St. George Children's Museum

TODAY IN ROTARY our speaker was Marnie Workman, Executive Director at the St. George Children’s Museum.  Noted Workman, tripadvisor.com lists the SGCM, which has now seen 340,000 children since its opening in November 2013, as one of the best things to see and do while visiting in Southern Utah.  The accessible-to-all SGCM has, in addition to displays and fun, classes in art, science and the environment for children whose median age is 5.  And, half of the children who visit are low income.  Currently SGCM partners with Switchpoint, the George Streetfest, Washington County School District, and recently brought on a marketing intern from Dixie State University.  Also new at SGCM, the newest display is a prehistoric/dinosaur room. 

SGCM, still a very young organization which is operated with 100% donations, was recently approved for grant writing and it is hoped the community will continue to invest in the organization which, for every $1 donated, the return is estimated to be $145. 

The museum, located at 86 S. Main Street (on the southeast corner of Town Square), is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.  For more information, see www.sgchildrensmuseum.org online.

At the close of the meeting, SGR presented the ED with a check in the amount of $2000 toward a 5-year pledge of $5000.