Monday, October 17, 2016

RYLA Youth Report

TODAY IN ROTARY members of SGR were treated to an after action report from those amazing young women who attended RYLA in late September.  Taverie Coleman, Kaylee Simmons attended for the first time, while Michael Isom returned for the 5th time as a RYLA alum.

Taverie, the granddaughter of Jim Coleman, admitted she had not adequately prepared for RYLA but learned a great deal about herself and others while learning to “embrace other cultures” as well as about how her fear of failing prevents her from fully experiencing life because of her perfectionist personality.  She came home determined to conduct a “purple pinkies” fundraiser at Desert Hills High School where she attends.  Today she has already earned $30 from her efforts, which will be matched by SGR and matched again by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, bringing her total – even if she doesn’t raise anymore – to $180 – enough to inoculate 360 children.  “I’m already making a difference in the world,” she noted gleefully!

Kaylee Simmons, who delivered her message extemporaneously – and well – spoke of how much she had learned thru her experience at RYLA.  She, too, was impacted favorably by the culture walk and was particularly touched by the presentation on heros by Craig Hymas.  She encouraged her younger classmates to attend RYLA next year and hopes to make a difference as a member of the Dixie High School Interact Club.

Michael Isom, son of Richard Isom and a fulltime student at Southern Utah University, expressed his enthusiasm for RYLA, both as a first timer and as an alumni facilitator. 

DSU’s Rotaract president Rashe Elliott noted his is the 2nd largest service club on campus with 58 members who most recently provided volunteer support for the St. George Marathon and ongoing support to Switchpointe.

For more information, contact SGR’s New Generations Chair Malissa Kelsch.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Visioning for the Future

TODAY IN ROTARY our 72nd member – Michael Terry, sponsored by Kurt Johnson – was inducted by President Collin Davis.

Our program found members of SRG discussed further how to find and/or develop a significant local project our club can own for the betterment of our community.  Rulon Olsen led the discussion which included suggestions relating to youth literacy, supporting community youth, senior awareness projects, expanding on the 4-Way Test and adopting a park and/or trail.  There was some discussion but no conclusion as to what project will have the same kind of high visibility as was achieved by the Dixie Rotary Bowl. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

SGR Celebrates the End of Summer

SGR gathered for the annual End-of-Summer Family Social on Monday, September 26 at the home of Phil and Renae Hall (well, more of a compound according to one young attendee).  The weather was a perfect 78° … the water was cold (but refreshing according to swimmers) … there was volleyball, pickleball, soccer, croquet … sheep, chickens and a dog named Shilo … lots of socializing to get better acquainted and pizza cooked in Phil’s very own pizza oven.  In all, it was a very fun evening to celebrate surviving another Dixie summertime and another successful Rotary year!  Thanks to all who helped organize the evening and to all who turned out for the fun, food and friends.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Visioning in SGR

The discussion continues in the meeting after the meeting!
Visioning … a process resulting in the development of a plan, goal, or vision for the future.  TODAY IN ROTARY members of our dynamic SGR club, spent an hour working together to find a local service project which our club can “own,” benefits a group of citizens, and provides lots of opportunities for good public relations exposure.  Facilitated by PE Rulon Olsen, the list of possibilities included:

·               A project relating to suicide prevention
·               Adopt-a-trail and/or donate trees for the City of St. George
·               Something for Switchpoint
·               A project to support the Alzheimers and Dementia Society
·               Build administrative offices for Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah

Rulon suggested a radio-thon as a day long fundraiser.  President Collin Davis encouraged
members to consider these – and other project ideas – and email thoughts and/or concerns to
Rulon Olsen at  SGR will continue working to identify a local signature
project at our next meeting on October 3.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Operation Underground Railroad Educates SGR on Child Sexual Slavery

Celeste Maloy, SGR’s 71st member was inducted TODAY IN ROTARY by President Collin Davis.  Sponsored by Terance White, Celeste comes to Rotary with a classification of Civil Attorney as a member of the staff of the Washington County Attorney’s Office.

Steve Woodfield, a representative of Operation Underground Railroad, spoke to the mission and purpose of the organization which has rescued more than 500 children from sexual slavery in the 3 years since it was organized in 2013.  Said Woodfield, “we've gathered the world's experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery.”

O.U.R.'s Underground Jump Team consists of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins. 

According to Woodfield, “American tourists are the #1 consumers of these young sexual slaves, exploiting more than 2 million children annually.  But, we believe providence is in the work we are doing.  We’ve seen too many miracles to deny His hand in our ability to rescue children from this life.”

For more information, see

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rest in Peace, Dear Andy

Elvin Martin Anderson, a longtime member of St. George Rotary, passed away on Monday, August 29, 2016 at the age of 104. Andy was born March 5, 1912 in Oasis, Utah to Peter M. and Tora Jensen Anderson; grew up on a farm and graduated from Hinckley High School.  He left the farm behind to move to California where he began his working life doing odd jobs and where he met June Barg on a blind date which lasted for 69 years. 

From 1933 to 1946, Andy worked for Standard Oil Company then joined the Marine Corps, serving three three years in the South Pacific. After his service, he and June ran their own gas station in Malibu, CA for seven years. They contemplated retirement at this time, but soon found out there was more month than money so decided to try their hands at real estate.  This new field kept them happily engaged for the next 21years. 

Andy was a member of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, American Legion and President of the Malibu Board of Realtors. 

Andy and June retired to Oceanside, CA where they spent 13 happy years golfing and enjoying the San Diego area. In 1989, when California began to feel too crowded, they moved to St. George, Utah. They loved St. George and became active in ICL at Dixie College. He also joined the St. George Rotary Club where he found friendship and service opportunities for nearly a decade. They also enjoyed local cultural activities and golfing at the Bloomington Country Club.

June passed several years ago.  Andy is survived by his nieces and nephews throughout the United States.  A service will be held at a later date.

Rest in peace, good friend.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DG Shaun Visits SGR

TODAY IN ROTARY was the official annual visit from our District Governor.  DG Uwe Shaun Michel (a member of the South Jordan Rotary Club) shared the story of Jonathon and Charlotte (from Britain’s Got Talent) and reminded members of SGR “the Lord wants to bless your lives and I’m here to help.”  The leader who came from Germany while still a youngster noted, “I’m a business man and I like to make money.  I want to get a good return on my investment.”  He also asked, “since clubs run everything, how do we measure our success?  We have to make ourselves a little uncomfortable in order to truly serve humanity.”

Wife Annette Michel reminded members of SGR, “Rotary is a family affair.  Our first large service project involved all of our kids gathering 6 tons of equipment to equip a small hospital in Guatemala.  We began working on a Hopi Indian reservation several years ago and have two former exchange students we call our own children.”

Referring to RI President Germ as “a Jonathon” DG Shaun reminded St. George Rotarians, “we have to take care of the mother ship (RI).  Utah Rotarians have big hearts, but we can’t work in silos.  We must partner more.”